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Bangalore – Large Mid Segment Residential Complex

Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru, formerly Bangalore, has an aura of modern luxury and high tech approach towards life, perhaps, this is what makes it the most developed city in the country. With domination of big IT companies and a crop of startups, Bangalore has a lot to offer than any other city in the country. To the residents, this city offers improved standards of living and better opportunities for building a career.

To continue the streak of the development in Bangalore, Zuari Infraworld has brought about its new residential project which will become a significant addition to the contemporary buildings in Whitefield area. With up class malls, commercial sectors and other essential amenities in close proximity, this building will become one of the most sought after residential complex in this area.

Understanding the needs of the rapidly upgrading Indian middle class, Zuari Infraworld is bringing this project at a very attractive price point. Competing with the luxurious buildings in terms of comfort and convenience, and affordable ones in price, this building will become an unprecedented epitome of affordable luxury.

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