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• The primary motivation for people to invest in real estate is world-class infrastructure and establishments. Even the road to a stable and secure return on your investments moves from the financial markets to the real estate sector.

However, interest rates on various type of investments with the bank have fallen dramatically compared to the previous year; For example, interest rates for interest on saving account reduced to 3.5% in comparison to 4% of the earlier year; Interest rate on FD’s decreased to 2.75 per cent from 3.5 per cent in the previous year.

• Investment in real estate projects in the cities having scenic beauty and safety such as Zuari Rain Forest project in Goa and Zuari Garden city Project in Mysore offers consistent returns over the duration. The following can act as convincing reasons for investing in our ventures and getting the highest appreciation for your investment.

• Our impeccably styled designed projects in Goa and Mysore have elegantly appealing designed items beginning from high-end villas, luxurious plots and apartments to spacious luxury villaments promise a multitude of options to pick the dream home.

• The successful delivery of 217 Villas in Zuari City Phase 1, demonstrated the standard of the quality services and products that we offer to our customers always bears our class. Even till the end or in the upcoming year, we are planning to deliver all the under-going projects, by offering clients an ability to move in as soon as possible.

• Our rates for the apartments, villas, and villaments are reasonable and competitive in the market, and it can be checked unequivocally. Zuari Infraworld believes in serving with a greenery theme amongst all projects.

• The enormous amount of open space (more than 70%) with more than 5000 shrubs/trees of prize-winning scenery in 73 acres of property near the majestic city of Mysore. Access to 20 acres of private forest enabling residents to enjoy a healthy, pollution-free ecosystem all the time in the city of Goa.


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