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• The reason people invest in real estate is due to world-class infrastructure and establishments. To switch from financial markets to the real estate sector, better return of investment, availability of quality infrastructure and establishments are the key motivations.

• Interest rates for investing money through financial instruments have fallen dramatically in recent times. For example, the interest rates for saving accounts have fallen from 4% to 3%, and the interest rates for fixed deposits have gone to the lowest (between 3% to 2%).

• Investing in real estate projects located in scenic and safe cities like the “Zuari Rain Forest Project” in Goa and “Zuari Garden city Project” in Mysore is a great idea. In addition to a consistent return on your investment, one can live in a peaceful, serene environment far away from the pollution. In Goa and Mysore, our carefully designed projects are beautifully constructed and are elegantly appealing.

• From high-end villas, spacious apartments to compact Villaments, our impeccably styled Goa and Mysore projects provide a range of options to pick the dream home from.

• Our Zuari Garden City Phase 1 Villas, Phase 2 Apartments, Phase 3 Villaments have been delivered successfully, corroborating the standard of the quality services and the products completed by us for our customers.

• The rates for the apartments, villas, and villaments are economical and competitive in the market, and they can be verified immediately. Zuari Infraworld provided ample greenery across all of its projects and have bagged “Best Large Gardens” award in Mysore from Dept. of Horticulture, State Government of Karnataka for 5 consecutive years.

• In the city of Mysore (India), with more than 5000 shrubs and trees of award- winning scenery, Zuari Garden City provides more than 70% open space in an area of 73 acres. In the city of Goa (India), residents have access to acres of adjoining private forest, enabling them to enjoy a pollution-free ecosystem at all times in Zuari Rain Forest.


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