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Goa Commercial – Retail & Entertainment Centre

After successful establishment of Zuari Rain Forest as one of the best residential developments in Goa, Zuari Infraworld is ready to step in to the commercial sector with its exclusive integrated commercial building, the very first one of its kind in Goa. Premium construction and finishing material, modern furnishing and sustainable systems will make this commercial building a precedent for upcoming commercial spaces.

The most attractive feature of this building would be its ingenious integrated structure that comprises of state of the art retail stores, up class office space, and hotel rooms for accommodation during business meetings and otherwise. Fine dining options and entertainment with premium multiplexes would complement this commercial complex, making it a complete space for all business related formal and informal activities.

Situated quite close to International Airport in Goa, the strategic location of this commercial space by Zuari Infraworld will ensure that the prospective clients keep pouring in ceaselessly, giving a great advantage to investors as well as the space owners/renters. With prime residential properties located in the vicinity, this commercial space will also draw a lot of Mall visitors, particularly for shopping, dining and entertainment, making it a vibrant hub of commercial activity.

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